Melissa Morgan // Like Minds

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  If they needed a poster girl for ‘zero-food-waste-cafe superheroes’ saving food scraps one closed loop system at a time, Melissa Morgan is your superwoman. She’s committed, she’s sassy and she’s got gumption. Mel is one half of community cafe Like Minds. Together with her partner Jimmy they nurture Avoca Beach locals with thoughtfully produced food and coffee and a generous, warm dose of themselves. Mel is a goddess of ‘slow living’ but doesn’t shy away from the complex

Bonnie Gray // Scientist Of Colour

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  27-year-old Bonnie Gray is Mother Theresa with a paintbrush. A self-taught illustrator who uses the money from her art to literally help homeless people off the street, Bonnie’s vibrancy could put a rainbow to shame. Describing herself as a ‘scientist of colour’, Bonnie humbly admitted she only bought her first canvas last year as an experiment. Her paintings are now commissioned worldwide. It was a privilege to glimpse into Bonnie’s colourful world and talk about ‘friending colours’,

Beach To Bed // Chic & Comfortable

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  Bohemian Traders rewrites the rules of pyjama dressing with this chic and comfortable collection. These cozy ensembles will take you from the Beach to the Bedroom with effortless style.


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