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On the BT Journal we love sharing stories about real people who inspire us so today we are featuring a quick, candid chat we had recently with the lovely Kayla Van Den Ham of @dearestchildren as a part of our ‘Mummas We Love’ series.

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Kayla wears the Backless Maxi Dress in Russet. Ari wears the Little Henley Shirt in Buttermilk and the Little Leggings in Ochre.

Describe your perfect day off.
I’m such a home body. I’d love a wonderful sleep in… past 6am hehe, with a coffee in bed, and either a rainy, family movie day or a picnic in the sunshine! Two different ends of the scale! 

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, all the coffee. 

Describe to us what a day in your life looks like.
A typical day with us is a wake up around 5-5.30am, cuddles while we all wake up, quiet play or TV until breakfast. Somewhere I fit a coffee in there, that usually ends up cold and reheated at least 3 times ha! Bath time and Otis will go down for a nap. Ari and I explore in the yard, ride bikes, paint or quietly play blocks (I say quietly but this is usually not the case and we’ve woken Otis!) We have lunch at home or pack lunch and we’ll go to the park or catch up with friends and have a play. Sometimes Otis naps in the afternoon, otherwise we hang out until dad gets home at 5.30pm walking in on bathtime and then bedtime routines! 

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
If I could be anywhere, I’d be on a snowy adventure with the boys! Let’s say Aspen or Whistler!

What are you currently binging on Netflix (or Stan, or TV in general)
Animal kingdom. A new season just came out and oh my goodness! 

What is your favourite part about being a parent?
My favourite part is watching my children grow, taking things in, learning right before my eyes. Knowing I am raising two little men of the future with integrity and heart, that’s my favourite part! 

What is the strangest (or best?) gift your little ones have ever given you?
The best one yet is Ari’s Mother’s Day gift. It was a little heart mould that smelt of lavender and had a lavender strand pressed into the top. It’s beautiful!

What do you love about the Bohemian Traders pieces you and your little one are wearing?
The tones and textures. I am all for earthy colours and nature-inspired pieces. These hit me right in those feels!

What inspires you?
Oh gosh, I draw my inspiration from absolutely everywhere. From the boys, friends, family, to mood boards, online forums, the outdoors. There is inspiration everywhere we look! 



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