Late last week, David and Emily Berlach, Directors of Bohemian Traders, welcomed friends of the brand to the opening of their latest project—a beautifully restored cottage situated on acres on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. The event, filled with vibrant energy, pared back interiors and decadent catering was a celebration of contemporary living. Let’s delve into the details.

The doors swung open to reveal a dreamy transformation—an old cottage reborn as a haven of modern elegance, harmonizing effortlessly with the surrounding natural beauty. Every element of the cottage’s design showcased the Berlachs’ impeccable taste and attention to detail, creating an atmosphere that embodied the essence of the Bohemian Traders brand.

Inside, warm, earthy tones blend seamlessly with contemporary accents, inviting everyone to embark on a sensory journey. Carefully curated furnishings by MCM House paired with eclectic artworks by Anna Moir, Emma Gale and Bobby Clarke finished with tasteful decor elements by In The Round House transported visitors to a world where timeless aesthetics met contemporary sophistication.

Guests arrived in the Bohemian Traders’ signature winter warm, earthy tones, perfectly complementing the ambience of the transformed cottage. Let’s explore some of the standout outfits that graced the occasion:


With an innate sense of style, Emily effortlessly embraced the Denim Oversized Shirt in Indigo Wash, perfectly paired with the matching High Waisted Skinny Flare in Indigo Wash Denim. This carefully curated ensemble showcased her impeccable fashion, striking the ideal balance between contemporary trends and timeless elegance. 


Featuring furniture by MCM HOUSE


In the cozy elegance of the transformed cottage, Eleanor wore the V Neck Aran Cable Knit Cardigan in Ivory. The ivory hue of the cardigan exuded an air of sophistication and versatility, effortlessly blending with the rustic surroundings. The intricate Aran cable knit pattern showcased the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Bohemian Traders is renowned for. The V-neck design added a touch of femininity and allowed for layering options, while the cardigan’s length provided a cozy and comforting feel.


Curtains by Curtain & Blind Co


Stephanie donned the V Neck Elastic Waist Mini Dress in Sun + Stars perfectly mirrored the cottage’s natural hues, creating a harmonious connection between the guest and the environment. The elastic waist provided comfort and a flattering silhouette, allowing her to move easily and confidently.


Rugs by Miss Amara Loves


Becky, known for her impeccable sense of style, embraced a chic and playful look in the Scoop Neck Bishop Sleeve Midi Dress in Palm Check. With its charming palm check pattern, this dress has a sense of tropical elegance and feminine allure.


Decals by Bam Bam Backdrops, Leather Cushion by Klovah


The Genoa Mini Dress in Palm Check is a charming piece with playfulness and vibrancy. The palm check pattern brought a tropical flair to the event, infusing the cottage with lively energy. The dress’s mini length and relaxed fit offered both comfort and a carefree allure, making it a perfect choice for the occasion.


Bathroom fixtures by Highgroves Bathrooms


Elle Mai radiated cozy charm and feminine allure in the Crew Neck Billow Sleeve Knit Sweater in Tonal Pink. The tonal pink hue of the sweater added a soft and romantic touch to the ensemble, creating a delightful contrast against the rustic backdrop of the transformed cottage. The crew neck design provided a classic and versatile silhouette, while the billow sleeves added a playful and whimsical element, capturing the essence of Bohemian Traders’ aesthetic.


Artist Anna-May Moir embraced the timeless yet contemporary look of the Classic Button Down Shirt with Gross Grain Tie. The shirt added a touch of playfulness and visual interest, while the classic button-down design provided a polished and versatile foundation for the outfit.


Pieces by In The Round House


Bedroom Suite by B2C Furniture, Linen by In The Sac, Leather Cushions by Klovah


Floral arrangements by Flwr Bomb

We would also like to thank the generous contribution of the following local businesses who generously catered, photographed and beautified the space.

When Bohemian Traders directors David and @EmilyBerlach found an old cottage on acres, they knew with time and care, it could be converted into a beautiful contemporary cottage. We’re sharing the journey with you today. The property is located on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and will hit the market this week.

@Emilyberlach would like to thank our partners and contributors:

  • MCM House 
  • Curtain & Blind Co. 
  • Miss Amara Loves
  • B2C Furniture
  • Highgroves Bathrooms
  • In The Round House
  • Bam Bam Backdrops
  • Flowerbomb 



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