Introducing the latest drop from RAIN FOR FLOWERS – Bohemian Traders’ SS23 Collection. As the natural world transitions through the seasons, it presents us with a captivating ballet of light and shadow, an intricate performance orchestrated by changing hues that mirror the motion of clock hands – a visual reminder of time’s fleeting nature.

Billow Sleeve Blouse in Ukiyo Botanic and Tie Front Mini Skirt in Ukiyo Floral

In this rhythmic dance, rain and bloom are intertwined; the aftermath of a clearing storm breathes renewed vitality and rejuvenation into our surroundings.

Ruffle Neck Maxi Dress in No Rain No Flowers

The enchanting symphony of earth’s cyclical shifts remains an unending source of fascination, forever stirring our curiosity and sparking our creativity. It’s this very allure that breathes life into our creative process, infusing our latest collection with the vibrant charisma, radiance, and lustre found within the world of florals and botanicals.

Bias Slip in Kawaii Ditsy

This season, we’re embracing an ethos of mindfulness, placing a firm focus on the use of all-natural fibres. Our offerings are a testament to the skills of our experienced artisans, whose dedication is evident in meticulously crafted items. 

Halter Tie Midi Dress in Plum

A rich spectrum of bold and assorted block colours graces the collection, evoking memories of Kawaii Ditsy and Ukiyo Botanic. Among these eye-catching selections is a rich palette of Plum, Lilac and Blood Orange adorned with halter ties, fitting shirring motifs, and matching sets that confidently display a tribute to this season’s drop three.

Boho Midi Dress in Pink Multi Stripe

A tribute to the uncharted and the enigmatic, this collection honours the ever-moving flux of time – a phenomenon that seems to momentarily freeze, much like morning dew on leaves, only to dance and twinkle like the fleeting light of sunset upon our windowsills. Then, like a passing cloud, it gracefully departs, leaving behind an aura of transformation.

Billow Sleeve Blouse in Sakura Blossom and Flared High Waisted Pant in Sakura Blossom

Presenting the SS23 Rain For Flowers Collection by Bohemian Traders, where we invite you to embrace the captivating interplay of light and shade that accompanies every change of season. Join us in welcoming the poetry of transition, where rain and flowers converse in their timeless language.

Bowler Collar Short Sleeve Crochet Shirt and Handmade Crochet Mini Skirt



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