Discover Staff Styles: A Vibrant Parade from the Rain For Flowers Collection

Step into the spotlight as we unveil a colourful celebration: Bohemian Traders presents the second chapter of our Rain For Flowers collection.

With great excitement, we draw back the curtain to reveal a symphony of hues inspired by the vivid colours nature generously bestows upon us. Each piece in this collection stands as a testament to the wonders of the world around us, capturing the essence of vibrant blossoms and lush landscapes in every meticulously crafted stitch and fold. In this unveiling, we proudly showcase Staff Style, shedding light on how our very own Bohemian Traders family personally embraces drop two.

shirred midi dress in pink, deep v midi dress in magenta, and pleated neck midi dress in pink

Let your senses dance with delight as you explore our latest drop, each a canvas painted with the magic of nature. Among the heroes of this collection, the artistry of shirred detailing takes centre stage, spanning across colourways in Pink, Fuschia, Emerald, and even our classic Shirred Yoke Midi Dress in Black stands as a testament to time. These dresses aren’t just garments; they’re an embodiment of elegance and comfort fused together. Charlotte’s seen wearing this season’s bestseller — Shirred Midi Dress in Pink

pleated neck midi dress in pink and oversized long sleeve shirt in pink / white stripe

This gentle hue evokes the softness of petals in the morning light. Bel effortlessly sports the Deep V Midi Dress in Magenta. This bold statement mirrors the intensity of a blossoming garden in full bloom. If shirred detailing and V-neck elegance aren’t your preference, the Pleated Neck Midi Dress in Pink offers a versatile alternative, boasting the crisp embrace of cotton poplin. Its feminine bodice cinches at the waist with a belt, gracefully flaring into a full skirt—a touch of sophistication added to the cinched waist trend of the season.

flounce mini dress in sakura blossom, backless v maxi dress in sakura blossom, and shirred strap mini dress in fuchsia

As spring approaches, we’ve meticulously curated essential flowing silhouettes that cascade like verses of poetry in motion, starting with this season’s signature floral: Sakura Blossom.

While the daring backless design from Backless v Maxi Dress in Sakura Blossom adds a hint of allure. This dress is a love letter to the free-spirited souls who embrace the untamed spirit of nature. Everything about Chloe’s Flounce Mini Dress in Sakura Blossom exudes playful elegance, from the retro-inspired Sakura Blossom floral to the softly gathered asymmetrical skirt. Made from layers of cotton voile over a tulle underlay for extra volume. A fun mini dress with a flirty asymmetrical ruffle hem.

For a vacation inspired by her far-flung travel look, Bel’s Shirred Strap Mini Dress in Fuchsia is perfect for your next getaway. We love a mini dress in a vibrant hue, and this one is crafted from a luxe linen blend with shirring along the bodice. 

v neck mini dress in white/blue, opera shirt dress in white/blue, and genoa mini dress in white cotton poplin

Alongside this season’s signature florals, drop two welcomes a glimpse of Nautical tailoring — a defining theme. This season, drawing inspiration from classic maritime aesthetics and naval patterns sees the resurgence of nautical essentials. The intricacies of marine maps and the captivating beauty of seamanship are embodied in a vintage-inspired nautical print.

Chloe elegantly dons the V Neck Mini Dress in Blue / White, accompanied by the quintessential nautical stripe pairing: the Royal / White Stripe Oversized Short Sleeve Shirt & Elastic Waist Pants. This iconic choice seamlessly weaves the sea’s spirit into our wardrobes, reflecting the nautical stripe’s evolution from sailors’ uniforms to a beloved pattern that effortlessly exudes laid-back elegance. And lest we forget, the beloved fan favourite Genoa Mini Dress in White Cotton Poplin from our classic range.

mini dress in white cotton poplin

At Bohemian Traders, we firmly believe in the art of storytelling. Within the Rain For Flowers collection, each article of clothing becomes a chapter, weaving together to form a vibrant tapestry of colour, beauty, and individuality. As you embark on this odyssey through our second release, remember that your clothing speaks volumes — it reflects your essence and the manner in which you embrace the world around you.

v neck mini dress in white/blue, opera shirt dress in white/blue

Welcome to Rain For Flowers — a collection where nature’s palette harmonizes with human expression and where the world’s beauty seamlessly merges with your wardrobe’s extension.



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