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In light of the recent release of Bohemian Traders SS17 Premium Denim line, we have decided to share with you our top tips for creating the perfect pair of cut off jeans.

This season has been big for distressed hem lines, with our new season Stepped Hem Skinny Jeans being a huge hit with so many of you, our Modern Bohemians. If you are anything like the eclectic bunch here at BT HQ then you too will want to know how you can bring this detail into your wardrobe on existing and new styles of denim! We are demonstrating our method on the Light Wash Wide Leg Jean – a definite favourite!



Tips and Tricks:

We believe there are two types of people when it comes to creating cut off jeans – ‘The Careful’ and ‘The Carefree’.

The Careful – you are the measure twice, cut once kind of person – and that is totally great! Put your mind at ease; measure and mark your denims using a tape measure and dress makers chalk – this is a great way to do things if you want to remove more than just the hem.

The Carefree – you fly by the seat of your pants, nothing is beyond fixing and you can hack with confidence. Go forth and cut those hems!



What you will need:

Must haves:

Fabric Scissors





Measuring Tape

Dressmakers Chalk

Sewing Machine




Careful Method:

  1. Lay out your selected pair of denims.
  2. Measure the amount you wish to cut off – and mark this line with dress makers chalk.
  3. Starting at the side seam, cut above the hem of your jeans working your way around each leg, at your desired height.
  4. To prevent excessive fraying – using a sewing machine, sew a line of straight stitch 1cm above the new raw edge.
  5. Throw your denims in the washing machine and voilà you are ready to go!



Carefree Method:

  1. Lay out your selected pair of denims.
  2. Using your fabric scissors cut above the hem of your jeans on both legs.
  3. Throw your denims in the washing machine and voilà you have your very own cut off jeans!




Bohemian Traders holds no responsibility for damage done to garments during the alteration process. Any alterations made void the warranty held for a product.


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