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In celebration of Spring, we would love to share with you a new take on one of our favourite refreshments.

Pimm’s Punch – a recipe perfected by Shelly Westerhausen, creator of “Vegetarian Heartland : Recipes for Life’s Adventures”. 

Pimm’s Punch is the perfect refreshment for your Spring Day. Best enjoyed while bathing in the filtered sun light, bare foot and dressed in Bohemian Traders. Featuring crisp fruity tones, citrus, cucumber and strawberries – the refreshing punch is our go to for all soiree’s this season.

Scroll down to find the recipe for this Spring favourite.

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Pimm’s Punch
Servings: 12 servings
Calories: 153 kcal
Author: Shelly Westerhausen

Simple Syrup:
1 large cucumber , peeled and diced
1/2 cup [100 g] sugar
2 large cucumbers , unpeeled and sliced
1 large orange , sliced
1 large lemon , sliced
1 lb [455 g] fresh whole strawberries
1 bunch fresh mint leaves , rinsed
One 750-ml bottle Pimm’s No. 1
2 cups [480 ml] gin
4 1/2 cups [1 L] soda water or seltzer water
Ice cubes for serving




For a full set of instruction on how to perfect your Pim’s Punch scroll down and follow the link through to Vegetarian Ventures.

For tips on how to serve your delicious refreshment read below!



If serving immediately:

We love to drink Pimm’s Punch fresh!

Grab a beautiful glass and fill it with ice. Ladle in the punch, making sure to scoop up a few of the fruity jewels (the cucumber and fruit slices). Garnish with the remaining mint and enjoy! For the utmost whimsy drink your punch from vintage miss-matched glasses.


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If preparing ahead of time:

If preparing ahead of time for a sweet Spring picnic, divide the punch between six seal-able mason jars and store in the fridge until you’re ready to head off on your adventure!

Make sure you bring ice and mint, for garnish! Jars are great for this (they make great re-useable and sustainable containers!) Divide between drinks right before serving!



Once you have a drink in your hand don’t forget to snap a picture and tag @bohemian.traders and @vegetarianventures on instagram!

Credit to Shelly Westerhausen of Vegetarian Ventures  for her amazing recipe and photography.

Soiree Photography by the talented Dom Cherry.


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