Recipe // Mango & Cream Swirl Popsicles

No need to go out and buy ice block moulds, use small glasses with spoons for a DIY version. You can also use a different fruit, puree berries or kiwifruit instead!

Makes 8 small pops


  • 2 fresh mangoes, flesh removed (or use frozen)
  • 40g icing sugar
  • 1 cup (250ml) natural yoghurt
  • 1cup (250ml) thickened cream


  1. Make a mango puree by blitzing the mango flesh in a blender. Set aside.
  2. In a separate mixing bowl, sift the icing sugar over the yoghurt and cream and mix well to combine.
  3. Use a hand held beater to beat the mixture until soft peaks are formed and the mix has doubled in size.
  4. Fold the mango puree through the cream mix to create a marbled swirl.  Spoon the mixture equally into 8 cups or moulds.
  5. Place teaspoons (or wooden paddle pop sticks ) spoon side down into the centre of the cups. The cream mix will freeze around these and they’ll be your popsicle sticks. Pierce a hole in the centre of a small square of foil and cover, this will also help the spoon to stay in place as the mix freezes.
  6. Allow a couple of hours at least for the mix to freeze, overnight is always better.
  7. When serving run hot water over the bottom of each cup to loosen the popsicles so that you can remove them. 

Shop the look

 ~ Recipe Written & Styled by Amelia Wasiliev @amelia_propsandstyling Photography by Luisa Brimble @luisabrimble Homemade Tableware by Melissa Lellouche @melissalellouche Additional props are stylists own and available for hire @amelia_propsandstyling Shot on location @shoot_location ~


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