Bohemian Family // Villa Banchetto

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Two of our favourite recipes from the Bohemian Traders’ Journal have been the ‘Quinoa Chilli Chop Salad‘ & ‘Whole Fish with Fennel, Orange, Lemon & Capers‘ (click for the recipes). We thought it would fitting to celebrate our love of Vita Estiva with a shared meal centred around these two delectable dishes! So, come and join us in the villa for a casual banchetto amongst friends.

Recipe // Whole Fish with Fennel, Orange, Lemon & Capers

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Does oven baked gourmet fish sound like something we’d be tempted to put in the ‘too hard basket’? Well, we are so happy to show you that this amazing meal is actually quick and easy! The fennel and citrus brings out the best of the snapper’s flavours, while the capers deliver that sea-side punch! If Bohemian Trader’s current Vita Estiva collection has you dreaming of the mediterranean life, then this is one fabulous way to bring those dreams to

Recipe // Homemade Granola

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Breakfast is one of the most overlooked opportunities to really spoil yourself with a gourmet experience. We all know what its like to be so busy focusing on the kids or rushing out the door that breakfast ebcomes a total non-event! So lets see how a little preparation can go a long way when it comes to starting the day with a good step.  Making homemade granola is so easy.  You can keep the sugar out and add

Recipe // Cinnamon & Orange Spiced Hot Chocolate

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A delicious winter warmer, perfect to sweeten your mornings or get you through a long cold afternoon. You’ll hardly believe how quick and easy this one is, the perfect cozy comfort drink for right when life seems too busy to spoil yourself. Go on and indulge! Serves 2

Recipe // Kale & White Bean Vegetable Soup

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On a cold winter’s night we can’t think of a better comfort food that a hot bowl of this flavour-packed, minestrone-styled soup. The fresh seasonal veggies make it a healthy and filling. The secret weapon in this recipe is definitely the herbs! They really bring depth and help create a very simple and quick hearty winter meal. Serves 4


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